The Other Side of the Femi-Nazi Coin

Recently I’ve been wandering over to the male-centric websites aka the “manosphere.” Like every other real or imagined issue in the internet world, the male-centric blogs are teeming with passionate followers. For some reason these marriage-bashing, bitch-watching, bed-hopping or at least bed-hoping, foul-mouthed and embittered XY chromosome carriers took me by surprise.

I don’t know why. Ever since I tried to purchase a pair of riding boots for my husband’s George Washington costume and got routed to a porno site targeting the gay male boot fetish, nothing should surprise me. Seeing a California state patrolman whipping a pouty, bare-bottomed Greek god should have forever imprinted in my brain that the distinctive “other” is just a mouse click away. But that was before Christmas, and I must have been lulled into complacency in the intervening months.

Two weeks ago I followed a link to, then other links from there. Yes, the blue pill/red pill crowd–you’ll have to do your own research–has legitimate grievances against our feminist culture. And that’s why I kept lurking. Even as a woman, I see the institutionalized bias against males. I am unbearably irritated by those man-haters who sit around all day and grieve over the penile hierarchy. Recently some female activist out west suggested male politicians be tested and treated for high testosterone levels so they don’t do damage while in office. Those kinds of attitudes demean men. Furthermore, objectification of men is far too common. Personally I abhor women talking about a man’s abs and butt just as much as I do men talking about a woman’s tits and ass.

It was refreshing, for a while, to read men’s rebellion against emasculation. But I realized it’s just talk, and whiny talk at that. The edge of hysteria lurks in almost every post. Emotions are thick on the ground. The word cunt flies around more often than in a performance of the Vagina Monologues. Some guy named Mark Minter, the king of anti-marriage diatribes, just got married (oh, the humanity!) resulting in a shocked air of betrayal among posters worthy of the Kardashians. This is what “alpha” males talk about in their internet salons? They are dreaming if they think they are alphas. Betas in their PJs wishing their girlfriends hadn’t dumped their asses is more like it.

Frankly, I’m bored with these girly men. I’m headed back to the blogs where real men (and women) think and talk about timeless issues: liberty, conscience, ethics, and the public good…


One thought on “The Other Side of the Femi-Nazi Coin

  1. Bobb Dobbs says:

    You don’t learn an entirely new lifestyle in a couple weeks. Most men come with the cultural baggage they picked up from childhood. Those who stumble into this new “underground” have to really work up the motivation to change. To stick with the effort. It would take the average person months or years to really alter his or her habitual behaviors.

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